André Dieterman

Raw, catchy portraits without frills is what characterizes the work of photographer André Dieterman, born Utrecht, The Netherlands, 1965.

Based on trust, respect and the patience necessary, he reaches the moment people dare to be ­vulnerable. By giving themselves the needed expression on their faces, they supply the foundation of the photograph. The result is pure and incisive.

Dieterman grew up in the center of Utrecht, developing his two passions: music and photography. As a 14-year old kid he shot his first black and white’s of artists at ­s­everal venues. Experimenting in his darkroom, he got the usual remarks, later becoming compliments. It shaped him to become who he is now and what he loves most.

André works digital and analog but taking pictures the analog way gives you the feeling that it’s made by a person. As today, developing films in his own darkroom, high-end scanning the negatives and digital editing, he is creating a totally new approach of analog photography.

‘A hard, radical way of photography’, that’s how he ­describes his style. He specializes in black and white portraits and ­photo ­documentaries, both domestic and abroad. Catching images, ­sometimes carefully coloured but above all authentic.

André is based in The Netherlands.
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